"A company with legitimate values ​​and vision"


"A Company where Employees and Customers grow together"


Support customized consulting with Cross-Media Communication.
Propose suitable Insight like a tendency, purpose, target, expectation effect on business or service, product for various needs.
By establishing the best digital communication solution, provide One-Stop Services through a ‘Integrated Marketing Communication & Cross-Media Agency’

Youjincore Co., Ltd. established with the corporate philosophy of ‘Honest Company, Trustworthy Company’ possess the best Know-how, suitable system, high-tech technology for producing and building ‘Information and Communication Broadcasting (Public, Cable, Social, Internet, IPTV, Establishing augmented reality system and Developing content)’

In addition, Successfully implementing social and mobile businesses that utilize IT infrastructure such as social broadcasting, Internet broadcasting, mobile solution/platform, mobile web, ICT, abroad project; For many years, the operating performance of the organizations / institutions / companies is the indicator of Youjincore Integrated Media Service’s stability and continuity, and it is the present of Youjincore Co., Ltd.

Youjincore Co., Ltd. prepares ten for one picture.
From consulting to planning, production, distribution, and on, off-line marketing, we offer customer satisfaction by pursuing value as a partner rather than a business relationship.

Maximizing Employee Satisfaction / Customer Satisfaction

– Transparent and horizontal management oriented –
– Emphasis on the development and satisfaction of employee –
– Customer satisfaction through maximum capacity –
– Organized teamwork –

Expert Mind

– Industry-leading experience, know-how –
– Continuous self-development ambience / system –
– Learning organization business –
– Systematic education based on career development plan –

Authenticity and sincere service

– Quality Management and Internal Management –
– Achieve customer satisfaction with the best service and maintain continuous trust –